Media Begins Their Attack on DeSantis’ Wife

Government of Florida, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – The Daily Beast’s Katie Baker, in a recently published op-ed on Sunday, described Casey DeSantis, wife of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., as a “Walmart Melania.” Baker also commented on her appearance after she opted for a leather jacket in a campaign stop in Iowa.

The Florida first lady’s leather jacket featured an alligator and an outline of Florida’s state border with the phrase “Where woke goes to die,” on the back. Baker specifically stated that the outfit included a “ghastly black leather jacket” and that the entire jacket just reminded her of the “racks of a Red State big-bin store,” where it would probably be found for “$24.99.”

She proceeded to draw a comparison between this jacket and the one that former First Lady Melania Trump had worn during a trip to migrant facilities in Texas which read, “I really don’t care.”

The commentary on the jacket did not end there though, as Baker proceeded to compare it to DeSantis’ campaign which she claimed was “Crude. Grasping.” She added that DeSantis was trying to win over Trump’s base and that it was very clear by looking at his wife’s jacket.

Politico, in their own story, stated that Casey DeSantis was the Florida governor’s “greatest asset and his greatest liability.” Michael Kruse, a Politico senior staff writer, in his piece noted that for quite some time, she was viewed as “an absolute superstar of a political spouse,” but as Kruse pointed out, DeSantis’s cycle has remained small because both of them do not trust others. Kruse also proceeded to claim that many feared facing retribution not only from Ron DeSantis, but also his wife.

Roger Stone had also previously drawn a comparison between DeSantis and Lady Macbeth which was mentioned in the Politico piece.


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