Migrants Get Thrown Into a Hurricane, LA Mayor Furious

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott for using buses to transport migrants to the city as they are preparing for Tropical Storm Hilary.

According to Bass’ office, the bus in question left on Sunday from Brownsville, Texas, and arrived in Los Angeles at 6:45 p.m. a day later. Bass, in her statement, noted that there was a warning for the residents of Los Angeles to prepare for the incoming storm, and yet despite these warnings the buses left from Texas.

Hilary made landfall on Sunday into Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and then continued to travel across the border as a tropical storm. This is the first tropical storm to reach Southern California in close to eight and a half decades. It has also led to a record rainfall and has caused flooding in many areas in the state.

As Bass noted on Monday, it was “evil” to have the migrant lives endangered by transporting them in a bus to a city that is currently facing an “unprecedented tropical storm warning.” As she pointed out, the bus also contained families with children and toddlers.

Bass argued that if there was anyone who should understand what dangers the thunderstorms and hurricanes could bring it should be Abbott who has to deal with these extreme weather threats every year. She then referred to the decision to bus migrants as a “despicable act beyond politics.”

Bass also posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the bus had arrived from Texas to Los Angeles during an unprecedented storm. In that post, she called Abbott’s action “Evil.”

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