Newest American Company Decides To Go Woke

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( – The famous candy brand Skittles is the latest brand to face backlash over their recent collaboration with GLAAD to add “Black Trans Lives Matter” messages on their product packaging. The Skittles official website noted that this is the fourth year that they are partnering with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

The candy company is going to be releasing a number of limited-edition Pride Packs which will no longer include its standard colors but rather will have toned-down packaging with illustrations.

Previously the packages were completely gray as a show of support for the organization’s efforts, however last year the brand added the original designs of LGBTQ+ artists. The artists were told to create their designs based on their interpretation of how they “see the rainbow.”

Many Skittles customers were disappointed by this decision, with one pointing out that they always found it baffling when companies made these kinds of decisions. A different customer stated that they did not want to have to do this but that they would have to say buy the candy.

A different person stated that these things were no longer entertaining.

There were also those X users who discussed the similarities between the Skittles campaign and the previous collaboration of Bud Light with influencer Dylan Mulvaney. That collaboration had ended up costing Anheuser-Busch $390 million in U.S. Sales. The parent company noted that the drop of 10.5 percent in its revenue for the second term was caused by the Bud Light decline in sales.

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