NYC Police To Use New Gun Detector System

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that there is going to be a new gun detector pilot program on the subway in the city which is going to help enhance the safety of the underground transit system. 

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is going to start piloting the new technology in late June in order to curb violence in the city. This was announced in a press conference by Adams and NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Cuban. 

The new technology is set to be implemented after a 90-day waiting period in late June, during which time the police is going to identify which companies carry the necessary technology while also evaluating its effectiveness.

Adams has not yet disclosed which subway stations are going to be used as the program’s test grounds. 

The press conference took place at the Fulton Street Subway Station, where Adams had also unveiled the Evolv scanner. The technology company which is based in Massachusetts has previously faced allegations of having doctored its testing results. 

On Thursday, Adams stated that it was their priority to ensure that New Yorkers would be safe when using the subway system and that they would continue to have confidence in it. He added that this announcement was the next step in their efforts to ensure that dangerous weapons would be kept away from the subway system. He further noted that they would be working to provide New Yorkers with more mental health services in order to combat this crisis. 

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