Homeowner Arrested for Protecting Her Home

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(FeaturedNews.com) – In New York, a homeowner ended up being under arrest after squatters took over their home and changed the laws. The homeowner is not facing any charges currently but the incident does present some of the challenges that law enforcement is facing with “squatter” areas in the Big Apple. 

Andele Andaloro had reportedly inherited the home in question from her father, and the property had been unoccupied when she had last visited it in January. However, by February when she visited the property in question again, she had found that the door had been changed. She explained that over the next few days, she saw a man, who was identified by local authorities to be Brian Rodriguez. 

Andaloro stated that within days she was able to determine that there had been other people living in her home. As she revealed, she had never leased that property either to Rodriguez or anyone else. However, after Andaloro changed the locks to the property, Rodriguez pushed through to enter the home again claiming it was his legal right to do so. He also ended up calling the police. 

The Queen’s District Attorney’s office revealed that after the arrival of the police Rodriguez had claimed to be a legal tenant who was being harassed. As a result, Andaloro ended up being removed from her own property. 

The DA’s office has now launched an investigation in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Housing and Worker Protection Bureau. After the investigation, Rodriguez ended up being charged with several charges including burglary charges. 

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