Air Force Official Sends Classified U.S. Intel on Dating App

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( – In Nebraska, an Offutt Air Force Base civilian employee has allegedly been behind sending classified National Defense Information (NDI) to a person electronically. The 63-year-old man had reportedly met the foreigner while online dating in 2022. 

David Franklin Slater, the man in question, had been working at the Air Force Base Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) for almost a year starting in August 2021 until April 2022. 

During his time working at the Air Force, Slater was granted Top Security clearance according to the Justice Department. This was after he took the position as previously he had served as a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. 

According to the information released, Slater had supposedly knowingly and unlawfully shared classified information by sharing the NDI which had been classified as “secret.” There is reason to assume that the information that had been shared could potentially end up being used against the United States or by a foreign country. The person who had received the information did not have the necessary authorization to receive access to the documents. 

The Department of Justice’s National Security Division Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen had stated that Slater, who was a civilian employee, had knowledge of classified information given to another person while disregarding the security of the country and the need to safeguard the information in the documents. He added that the Department of Justice would be looking to hold all those involved accountable for their actions. 

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