America Accused of Spying on Who?

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( – On Tuesday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed that the Pentagon had been spying on his government and had stated that he would reduce access to information provided by his country’s armed forces. These latest accusations come after the Washington Post put out a report about the recently leaked U.S. intelligence documents.

During his daily news conference, Lopez Obrador claimed that because of being targeted by the Pentagon they were taking action to “safeguard information from the Navy and the Defense Ministry.”

In the Post’s report on Sunday, it was noted that one of the leaked documents included a U.S. military assessment which showed that the secretary of the Mexican Navy had ordered the cooperation with the Mexican army to be reduced. The Post noted that the origin of this information was not clear and that it was not known whether it had been obtained from wiretaps or intercepts of Mexican authorities.

The assessment is only one part of a number of highly classified U.S. intelligence documents which were leaked by members of the Massachusetts Air National Guard to a Discord group. Since then, the documents have been shared widely on different social media platforms. The validity of all the documents has not yet been confirmed.

On Tuesday, López Obrador slammed the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in particular for their role in “informing” Mexican media organizations in an attempt to “weaken us politically.”

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