Arsonist Targets Bernie Sanders

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( – Authorities have reported that there is an investigation into the fire in the Burlington, Vt., office of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). 

In a media release, the Burlington Police Department (BPD) stated that first responders both from the fire and police departments had responded on Friday morning to an incident that is believed to be arson. The incident had taken place at the building where the office of the Senator is located. 

The press release noted that the investigation had revealed that there was an unknown male subject that had entered the Office of United States Senator Bernie Sanders and had sprayed what they believe to have been an accelerant over the entrance door. He then proceeded to light up the accelerant before fleeing the scene. 

The fire quickly engulfed the door and blocked the staff members who were working in the office from exiting it. This caused danger to their lives. 

The fire department in a separate release noted that they had arrived at the scene and seen the sprinkler system going off and the fire alarms were activated. It noted that the fire had been “extinguished” and all offices in the area had been searched and all occupants had been removed from the premises. 

In the release, it also noted that there were no reported injuries. It further stated that there was some fire damage to the office door of the Senator and significant water damage to the third floor and the floors below. The fire crews had to deploy salvage covers in order to help protect some of the floors from the water. 

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