Charles Barkley’s Immigration Comments Resurface

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( – During a late February edition of “The Stephen A. Smith Show” podcast, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley joined host Stephen A Smith to discuss a number of sports-related issues. During their hour-long conversation, the two talked about a variety of things, including Barkley’s dislike for San Antonio as a city. 

However, the conversation also included several political issues, as Smith brought up the CNN program that Barkley had done with Gayle King. 

Barkley argued that while he had not been interested in adding things to his workload, he thought it was important for them to do the show. He added that he told King that he did not want to work anymore, but because of his respect for King, he decided to do it. 

For several months Barkley had lived in Atlanta, where the TNT studios are located. 

King normally lived in New York City, as he co-hosts “CBS Mornings” five days a week. 

Around half way through the conversation, the two started to talk about some of the issues that Barkley noticed in New York City as he had to frequently commute into the city for the show. 

Smith interjected as Barkley was talking to point out that he could see how the streets in New York were. Barkley continued by arguing that the border was a “joke” and that there were so many migrants who had been brought up to the city by buses. He added that they are beating cops and getting released within 24 hours despite the incidents being caught on camera. 

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