Biden Goes at Trump Over Hitler Comments

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( – The campaign supporting President Biden has strongly criticized former President Trump for his past statements that have been seen as favorable towards Adolf Hitler, labeling such comments as deeply offensive yet not surprising.

According to the Biden campaign, a report by CNN that drew on the recollections of John Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, has brought to light the former president’s alarming views. The report highlighted discussions where Trump allegedly noted some positive aspects of Hitler’s leadership, including his ability to foster loyalty among his troops and his economic policies.

John Kelly, who previously led the Department of Homeland Security before serving in the White House, shared these insights with CNN’s Jim Sciutto for a book. Kelly recounted how he challenged Trump on these views, emphasizing the inappropriateness of praising Hitler in any context.

The Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, through spokesperson Sarafina Chitika, expressed disbelief and condemnation of any attempts to find merit in Hitler’s actions, stating that such views are overwhelmingly rejected by the public.

Chitika also highlighted Trump’s history of using divisive language and his apparent admiration for authoritarian leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orbán, Kim Jong Un, among others. This pattern of behavior, according to Chitika, aligns with the concerning statements about Hitler.

Moreover, the campaign criticized Trump’s recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, pointing out Orbán’s controversial policies and governance issues, further questioning Trump’s associations with leaders known for their authoritarian tendencies.

The statement also mentioned Trump’s friendly exchanges with other contentious world leaders and his expressions of desire for autocratic power, urging the public to take these tendencies seriously.

Andrew Bates, a White House spokesperson, also weighed in, condemning any praise for Hitler as an affront to the sacrifices of American soldiers who fought against the Nazi regime. Bates reaffirmed President Biden’s commitment to uniting Americans against the backdrop of history’s most destructive ideologies, honoring the legacy of those who fought for freedom and democracy.

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