High School Student Ordered To Remove American Flag

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(FeaturedNews.com) – East Central High School senior Cameron Blasek from Indiana has spoken up after he had been pushed to remove from his truck his US flag. 

In an interview with WCPO, the teen argued that the flag was a representation of the United States and the people who had fought for it. He added that this was a hard topic to talk about but that it was an important thing. 

Blasek had previously gone viral after he revealed that his vice principal and counselor had pushed for him to remove the American flag from his vehicle. The teen had opposed this request telling them that he would not be taking down the flag. 

The WCPO report notes that the flag “abides by U.S. flag code.” Blasek has also pointed out that after looking through his school handbook he had not found any rules that would block him from having the flag displayed on his vehicle. He added that there was no mention of the word “flag” in the driving or parking lot section of the 2023-2024 Handbook supplied by his school. 

Following the request to have the flag removed, many other students started arriving at school with the US flags on display. As Blasek shared, he has had a huge support group of people who believed in the same things that he did. He added that at first, this had been shocking to him. 

The story had gone viral online, with the X post detailing the case having received over 6 million views. 

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