California Erupts Over Christian Statue

Photo by Joan Oger on Unsplash

( – A ski resort in a rural area in California intends to install a 20-foot statue of the Virgin Mary which has resulted in a lot of backlash as many have pointed out the area’s rich Native American history. One critic pointed out that it made no sense for the statue to be placed at a ski resort. This was a comment that many others also reiterated.

As a different commenter pointed out, the mountain and park was important place for so many people and they were disappointed at the possibility of the large statue of the Virgin Mary being erected there. The commenter also stated that Mr. Shasta Ski Park should be ashamed of the decision to add the statue in such a spiritual and beautiful place.

Other commenters have noted that the decision was particularly disrespectful considering the history of the area. A different commenter also argued that perhaps they needed to show respect to Native Americans by not erecting a statue of the religion of the people who had killed their people. They added that the natives had been there long before others had come and claimed the mountain.

Critics have launched an online petition calling for the statue construction to be stopped, arguing that it would just “alienate” all the members of this diverse community, not all of whom follow the Christian beliefs as the owners of the resort do.

The petition specifically calls for the U.S. Forest Service, which provides the ski park permit to insist the project should not be allowed to proceed.

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