Military Deployed To Southern Border

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( – On Friday, the Democratic governor of Arizona stated that she would be sending National Guard soldiers to areas surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border. Katie Hobbs, whose state is being targeted by Republicans, has argued that the Biden administration has not been doing their job when it comes to immigration.

Last week, Hobbs slammed President Biden after the closure of a major border crossing in an attempt to have the resources to manage illegal migration more concentrated. In her order on Friday, she argued that once again the federal government did not appear to be interested in doing the necessary work in order to secure the U.S. border and ensure that communities across the U.S. would be safe.

She added that her Executive Order was helping take the necessary action since the federal government has not taken the necessary action. However, as she stated it was not possible for her state to handle everything alone. She noted that it was important that Arizona had the necessary manpower and resources to open back up the crossing in Lukeville. She further pointed out that it was essential for them to ensure that the border would remain secure and orderly.

Hobbs pointed out that Arizona has made repeated requests for assistance to the Biden administration, but that the administration had thus far opted to not deliver on any of the resources that were essential for the Arizona border.

There are many communities that depend on the Lukeville crossing being open to illegal migration for economic survival. As such, many families on both sides of the border have been affected following the closure.

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