Democrats Want To Give Newly Released Prisoners Money

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( – New York state lawmakers have brought forward a new bill that would give inmates who are exiting the prison system approximately $2,600 that they could use in order to bounce back on their feet. 

Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs and State Senator Kevin Parker introduced the legislation that would give inmates the ability to collect close to $400 every month over a period of six months after they leave prison. Under the current standing of the bill, there are no restrictions on how or where the money could end up being spent. 

State Senator George Borrello who is opposing the bill argued that now crime in New York would pay in a literal sense. He added that he was against the bill and that there is other legislation that should be prioritized rather than giving inmates released from prison money. 

He added that his colleagues had appeared to believe that these folks were victims of their circumstances and that people were choosing to commit crimes. He pointed out that most criminals were not concerned with how much money they were going to have in their pockets after they left prison. 

Inmates who are exiting prison right now are only given $40. Gibbs has claimed that this amount is not enough for them to buy groceries or even clothes that they could use in order to secure a job interview. As he pointed out, the first 72 hours after release are very important in helping decide how well an inmate would be able to integrate back into society. 

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