Disabled People Overjoyed With New Surprise

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Bre Rider recently became famous online for her social media post praising JanSport for offering adaptive bags. As she posted the company had created an entire section on its website focused on its adaptive-designed backpacks which can work for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices.

Rider, 30, lives in Tampa, Florida, and as she disclosed on TODAY.com, finding accessible items that are not designed for children can be a struggle. This is what made her so excited about seeing an accessible bag that would provide her with full independence. She then proceeded to share the information on social media and with all of her friends who might find these items useful.

In her post, Rider expressed that it had made her emotional to see the fully accessible section on the Jansport website which also included an audio description for the video of the products.

Monica Rigali, vice president of global brand at JanSport, told TODAY.com that the company first started creating the bags when they realized the need for such adaptive bags that can work with mobility devices. She noted that they realized that those with mobility aid were an underserved community when it came to these items, which is why the company set out to design a truly inclusive, affordable, and durable bed that can help serve those people.

The line is a collaboration with Disability:IN, a leading organization that is focused on inclusion and creating equality in business for those using a mobility aid. Through the organization, they also found a number of beta users who could test the new designs and products.

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