FBI Opens Shocking New Bridge Investigation

Photo by Irina Sitnikova on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – The FBI has launched a criminal probe into last month’s collapse of the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge which resulted in the death of six roadwork crew members. 

The AP report noted that the investigation is going to be looking at the circumstances that led to the bridge collapsing, and whether or not all of the federal laws had been followed. 

On Monday, it was confirmed that the cargo ship had agents aboard and that according to the FBI, the federal agents had been there to conduct a search of the ship. In a statement to The Hill, the FBI also noted that they were aboard the Dali cargo ship in order to conduct an investigation that had been authorized by the court. The FBI pointed out that currently, they do not have any further information they can make available. 

The Post was the first to report on the criminal investigation, which cited two officials who had selected to speak anonymously about the case. They further reported that the investigation was going to be focusing on whether the container ship had left the port while aware that there were some serious issues. 

Later on Monday, the AP cited an anonymous source who claimed that prior to leaving the port the ship had experienced an apparent electrical issue but had still opted to leave the port. The source had further noted that the alarms had gone off while the ship was still docked in Baltimore which is an indication of inconsistent power supply.

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