Major U.S. Infrastructure Taken Over by Protestors

Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

( – On Monday, roadways in California, New York, Oregon, and Illinois were blocked by pro-Palestine protestors. 

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the demonstrators managed to completely block all bikes, vehicles, and even pedestrians from moving along the Golden Gate Bridge, as they positioned themselves along Interstate 880 in Oakland. The protestors had used 55-gallon cement drums that they chained themselves to block the traffic. 

In Chicago, protestors blocked access to Chicago O’Hare International Airport by linking arms and blocking Interstate 190 lanes. One of the organizers Rifqa Falaneh argued that this protest was a part of the “economic blockade” that was taking place globally in an attempt to free Palestine.

In New York, demonstrators had blocked Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, while in Oregon the protestors had blocked traffic on Interstate 5 for around 45 minutes. 

In Chicago, the O’Hare airport put out a warning on X, formerly known as Twitter, to inform travelers of the alternative transportation forms as car travel was heavily delayed because of the demonstrators. Some travelers who wanted to not miss their flights ended up walking to the airport with their luggage on hand as they left behind their cars. 

One of those people was Madeline Hannan who noted that she was heading to the airdrop to catch a flight to Florida for a work trip. She added that her and her husband’s car had been blocked in the traffic for 20 minutes before the two decided to walk the final one mile. The couple managed to barely make it to their gate on time for the flight. 

In a telephone interview from Florida, she noted that it was an inconvenience but considering everything that was going on it was only a minor one. 

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