Hollywood Star Calls for Female Takeover of Government

Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(FeaturedNews.com) – In a recent speech at the Women in Entertainment Gala, comedic actor Will Ferrell questioned whether it was time for female leaders to start running the world. During the opening remarks for the breakfast gala, Ferell argued that the event hosted by The Hollywood Reporter was a great event to honor women and continue supporting them in the entertainment world.

He proceeded to say that people should forget about the entertainment world and that perhaps it was best for women to start completely running the planet. He added that this was not an attempt to “placate” women, but rather an observation considering the planet was not doing too well and it had been run by men for more than 12,000 years. He proceeded to plead, asking the women in the room to take over, claiming that it was time.

Ferrell first rose to prominence for his role as one of the two dim-witted men who were included in the Saturday Night Live skit “The Roxbury Guys” where they had been hitting on two girls in the clubs. The skit was later adapted into a film Right at the Roxbury.

In 2011, Ferrell was involved in a parody skit, apologizing to women on behalf of all men the skit the actor employed a melodramatic tone which was used to apologize deeply for all the “unconscious” rascality that had existed in the past and continued to exist in the present. Men were also jokingly apologizing for several terms, including terms such as “meningitis” which includes the word “men.”

In the skit, there were also jokes about how meningitis should be renamed to “youingitis” and how hysterectomy could become “westerectomy.”

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