Joe Rogan Calls Out the Biden Administration

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

( – This week Joe Rogan argued that one of the biggest issues were the people working for President Biden. While speaking with James Lindsay he argued that he had found that some of the people were out of their “f—–g minds.” 

Lindsay spoke about a time when she had been at a Christian event where she had met one person who was confused by how God would let someone like Joe Biden be in the White House. He answered that at the time the only thing he could think was that this was because people needed to be able to see which is why Biden was in office. 

Rogan agreed with that statement and argued that Biden indeed was doing that. He added that it was fascinating to have this guy acting as the president and pointed out that there was one embarrassing incident where White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had accidentally posted on X something on her own account which looked like President Biden. 

Rogan proceeded to say that this was the press secretary who was answering questions. He then added that he had more concerns about Biden’s staff than he was about Biden himself and argued that they were the ones that made the presidential decisions. 

Lindsay agreed with that notion, pointing out the former Biden administration official Sam Brinton who was facing several charges for alleged airport baggage thefts in a number of states. 

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