Woman Banned From Gym After Taking Photo

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Planet Fitness has revoked the membership of a woman in Alaska after she took a photo of a transgender woman in the locker rooms. 

The incident had occurred at Planet Fitness in Fairbanks where a woman had ended up recording herself speaking about the incident after she saw a “man with a penis” who was identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community shaving while in the women’s locker room. 

Fox News Digital confirmed that the woman had violated their policy after she had recorded in the locker room which is why her membership had been revoked. 

McCall Gosselin, the chief corporate affairs officer of Planet Fitness, noted in a statement that Planet Fitness was focused on creating an inclusive environment. HE added that they had a non-discrimination gender identity policy and that all members had the right to use the gym facilities that were aligned with their gender identity. He pointed out that the woman who had used her mobile device in order to post on social media had violated the policy of the gym as members are prohibited from taking photos of other individuals in the locker room. This is the reason why their membership ultimately ended up being revoked. 

Planet Fitness did not respond to questions regarding the identity of the transgender individual. 

The woman in question, Patricia Silvia had gone to the gym on Monday when she stated that she had seen in the women’s locker room a “man with a penis” shaving. 

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