Major Development in the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Lawsuit

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( – A Los Angeles District Court judge dismissed on Friday the copyright infringement lawsuit against Paramount Pictures that centered on “Top Gun: Maverick.” 

In the ruling, the judge noted that the sequel, which had brought in close to $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office, did not have substantial similarities to an article by author Ehud Yonay. 

Yonay’s family had brought forward the 2022 lawsuit, arguing that a 1983 piece had been behind the “Top Gun” movie in the 1980s. They had then proceeded to sue the movie studio arguing that they had not acquired the rights to the article prior to the release of the sequel, which came close to three decades after the original installment.
Paramount had reportedly exclusively gotten the rights to produce “Top Gun” in 1986 which was based on the writing of Yonay. 

In the ruling, the judge argued that the events, plots and even pacing of the work were not similar to the writings. He added that all similarities were based on unprotected elements, including scènes à faire, facts, or general plot ideas. 

Prior to the dismissal of the suit, Yonay’s widow and son were seeking damages as well as to block the film’s distribution and any potential sequels. 

Paramount released a statement following the ruling where they argued that they were pleased that the court had recognized that the case that had been brought forward against them had lacked merit. 

The plaintiffs have argued that they would be appealing the ruling.

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