Man Sues Multiple Women Over Dating App

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( – A man in Los Angeles is suing several women after they allegedly posted negative comments on social media about him. As he has argued, the statements that they had made were defamatory and false. 

Stewart Lucas Murrey has brought forward the case against 10 women, arguing that they had intentionally inflicted emotional distress while also accusing them of sex-based discrimination, defamation, libel, and invasion of privacy. Other defendants have not yet been added to the suit or identified. 

The lawsuit is a result of several comments and posts of the women who allegedly wrote in the Facebook group “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” The private group is used by members who want to share advice as well as warnings about men whom they have found to be untrustworthy and potentially dangerous. The group has location-based pages corresponding to cities across the United States. 

Murrey has claimed that the woman had posted on the website claiming several false things about him, including that he was involved or suspected in a murder case. In other posts and comments, it is claimed that there are a number of domestic violence charges against him, while it is also claimed that he had attempted to extort money from the women that he had dated. It is also argued that he has lied about being an attorney and that he had a sexually transmitted disease.

Murrey has argued that all of these allegations against him are false. 

Olivia Berger, who is one of the defendants in the case, has pointed out that the majority of women named in the case are women whom Murrey had never met in person. She added that some of the women included had only reacted, “liked” or commented on the posts about him. 

However, Berger and Murrey had met in person as they had matched in 2021 on the dating app Tinder. According to Berger during the date, Murrey had gone on rants about random topics, and conspiracy theories and had appeared to be “arrogant and smug.” She added that overall, she had not felt that the two of them were compatible as they had different views and opinions. 

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