PHOTO: Miss Colorado Secures Impressive New Job

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

( – The 2023 Miss Colorado beauty pageant winner Madison Marsh appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” where she discussed being the first-ever active-duty U.S. Air Force pilot to compete in the Miss America competition.

The competition is set to end on Sunday, after running since Jan. 6. As Marsh shared she just graduated from the Air Force Academy which makes her a “pilot select.” She added that everyone so far has been very excited for her to be competing in the pageant.

Show co-host Pete Hegseth pointed out that according to Marsh’s resumé, she is also a National Truman Scholar, was a National Rhodes Finalist, a two-time National Astronaut Scholar, and had graduated from the Kennedy School at Harvard. At that point, co-host Will Cain jokingly asked her how “first dates” went as she had such an impressive list of achievements. He proceeded to then ask her what talent she would be displaying during the competition.

In response, Marsh shared how she would be delivering a monologue about the first solo flight trip she had taken when she was 16. As she shared this was a very important story to share as she had first started flying at 15, and it was then that she actually became passionate about serving and joining the Air Force Academy. During her monologue, she is going to cover how the flight went, what had gone wrong, and how they helped shape her into the person she is today.

She concluded that this was not a conventional talent and it was going to be slightly different.


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