Supreme Court Justice Ordered To Step Down

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( – On a recent broadcast, former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan advocated for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to consider retirement, allowing President Biden the opportunity to appoint a new liberal justice. This suggestion comes as former President Trump leads in key swing states, creating a sense of urgency for Democrats. During a discussion on CNN, Hasan highlighted the strategic importance of Supreme Court appointments, citing the Republican party’s success in influencing the judiciary and pointing out the risks of not acting proactively.

Hasan expressed concerns about repeating past mistakes, referring to the age of Justice Sotomayor, who is nearing 70, and the potential implications for key issues like abortion rights. Despite Hasan’s vocal stance, CNN’s Eva Mckend noted that the call for Sotomayor’s retirement is not widely echoed among Democrats, with many viewing it as her personal decision.

The White House also refrained from pressing Sotomayor on this matter, emphasizing the personal nature of such a decision. Hasan, however, challenged this notion on CNN, arguing against the concept of lifetime tenure for Supreme Court justices and suggesting that the U.S. system is an outlier compared to other democratic nations.

In his column, Hasan urged that Sotomayor’s retirement should not be viewed merely as a personal choice but as a strategic decision impacting the future of American democracy. He cited the example of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to underline the potential consequences of not considering strategic retirement.

Journalist Josh Barro also expressed surprise at Sotomayor’s decision to remain on the bench, advocating for her to step down to maintain the court’s balance. Meanwhile, Sotomayor herself has spoken about her challenges and frustrations in serving on a Supreme Court that leans conservative, highlighting her commitment to persist in her judicial role despite the difficulties.

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