Cruise Line Leaves Americans Stranded

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( – The family of an 80-year-old woman has claimed that Norwegian Cruise Line had left the woman on an African island after she had suffered a stroke and possible heart attack. 

On March 27, the cruise line had left Julie Lenkoff to “medically disembark” from the ship without contacting any of the woman’s emergency contacts. Between Wednesday and Monday, they had ended up only having a single conversation with the woman’s family where they had failed to provide any answers. 

On March 29, two days later, two Australian and six American passengers had been left by the cruise line on São Tomé, the same island in Africa, after their tour guide-led excursion had ended up running late. This resulted in the captain of the ship blocking them from boarding again. 

A South Carolina couple, Jay and Jill Campbell, was among the eight people blocked from boarding the cruise ship again.  Lenkoff’s son-in-law Kurt Gies had referred to the couple as “heroes” as they had helped with saving their mother. 

On the island, authorities had disclosed that in the group left behind was another woman who did not have her ID or any money with her. This was according to Gies. 

The Campbells had ended up finding Lenkoff in a medical facility on the island and had helped cover her medical needs, pay for her hotel room, and food, and also connect her with her family. Gies claimed that Norwegian Cruise Line had acted like their mother did not exist, especially after their new statement of “false propaganda.” 

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