Three-Year Cruise Canceled Just Days Before Departure

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( – Life at Sea Cruises’ first three-year cruise was canceled only two weeks before its scheduled start. The cruise was originally announced in March and gave potential passengers the opportunity to voyage around the world for $30K per year.

The cruise would cover 135 countries and 375 ports and it was organized by Miray Cruises, a Turkey-based parent company.

Business Insider in their report noted that one woman, Kimberly Arizzi, who had bought tickets for her retirement cruise, had only managed to do so after selling her furniture, apartment, and even some of her clothes.

However, passengers were informed 13 days ahead of the planned departure on Nov. 30 that the cruise ship would not be departing from Amsterdam and that the cruise was canceled. Originally, the cruise was meant to depart on Nov. 1 from Istanbul, however, the departure date and location were switched to Amsterdam leaving some passengers still in Istanbul.

The company has stated that refunds would be made in monthly installments from mid-December until late February. Life at Sea Cruises has also offered to pay for the accommodations and flights of those passengers who are still in Istanbul until Dec. 1.

Still, for some passengers, this is a problem as they do not have a home to go back to. This is because as one passenger explained, they were expecting that they would be aboard the cruise ship for three years. These people are going to need to get access to at least some of their refund before they can make plans for where to go next.

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