VIDEO: TikToker Raises 30K for Struggling Business

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( – On Jan. 19, Keith Lee, a TikTok food reviewer, posted a video describing the life of Gary Shanks, a food truck owner in Las Vegas. This one chance encounter has led to Shanks’s life-changing forever because of Lee’s post.

In the TikTok view, Lee begins by recounting how he had spent $450 on a burger, that would not even get 1 out of 10 on the scale. He then added that he frequently likes to work out during the evening and while coming home from a 10-mile bike ride he saw a food truck that he had never seen before.

He added that this immediately picked his interest and he decided that it was time for him to go and see what the food truck was. After approaching, Lee realized that the truck Shanks was running was completely seafood-based. This proved to be a problem as Lee is allergic to shellfish.

Despite this, Shanks recommended some of the other dishes on the menu, burgers, fries, and catfish, and said that he would even prepare everything in separate bowls if Lee wanted to come and eat the next day. Shanks also disclosed that business was very slow and he was lucky if he got anywhere between five to 10 people visiting the truck within the day.

The next day, Lee went to the food truck again where Shanks had a burger and fries made of him. Everything was in new oil and separate utensils just like he had promised. Shanks had even offered to provide the meal for free which was something that Lee was not willing to accept.

He then proceeded to provide Shanks with the donations from his recent TikTok live which amounted to $450 worth and sent it to Shanks through the Cash App.

Shanks was emotional over the donation as the video clearly shows. And the burger?
Well, Lee sampled the food once he was home and he gave the fries 8.5 out of 10 on the seasoning, and the burger a 9.5 out of 10.



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