Trump Gains the Most Unexpected Endorsement

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( At a recent rally, former President Donald Trump proudly shared his endorsement from an individual he described as a “representative of Black Lives Matter” (BLM), stirring enthusiasm among attendees. This endorsement, however, is mired in controversy due to the questionable connection of the endorser to the broadly decentralized BLM movement.

Trump, who is vying for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race, is a frontrunner in the GOP field. Polls consistently show him leading with about 50% support from likely Republican voters, suggesting a strong possibility of his securing the party’s nomination next year.

Mark Fisher, who claims to be a BLM activist, recently appeared on Fox & Friends, where he was introduced as a “BLM leader.” In the interview, Fisher praised Trump for his contributions to the Black community, surpassing any other president in his lifetime, and criticized the Democratic Party as “racist.”

Black Lives Matter, known for its focus on racial issues and alignment with progressive ideals, contrasts sharply with Trump’s socially conservative stance. Despite its decentralized nature, several key BLM organizations have distanced themselves from Fisher, dismissing his endorsement as a mere “publicity stunt.”

Specifically, Black Lives Matter of Rhode Island, an organization Fisher claimed to be part of, has clarified that he is no longer associated with them. Fisher also founded an entity in Maryland called “BLM Inc.”

During a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump highlighted Fisher’s endorsement, eliciting applause from his audience. He mentioned Fisher’s endorsement, crediting his own administration’s work on opportunity zones, job creation, and funding for historically Black colleges and universities.

However, BLM Rhode Island and the BLM Rhode Island Political Action Committee jointly condemned Fisher’s actions in a statement to The Providence Journal. They labeled Fisher an “imposter” and described the situation as a “publicity stunt,” accusing the right-wing of leveraging marginal Black voices to falsely suggest widespread support for their candidates. The statement also emphasized that referring to Mark Fisher as a leader in BLM is misleading and inappropriate, with both the founder of BLM Rhode Island and its PAC clearly denouncing his involvement.

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