Trump Team Furious With Biden Judge’s Decision

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( – On Monday, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan set the trial date for former President Donald Trump’s most recent case. The trial is scheduled for March 4, the same day as Super Tuesday when over a dozen states are going to be having their presidential primary.

In making her decision, Chutkan noted that the trial date chosen should not be dependent on what the defendant’s work life commitments are. The trial date she selected was also later than the one special counsel Jack Smith had pushed for in January.

However, while Chutkan did push back the date, the date she chose for the start of the trial is only a couple of months after the date Smith had selected, while it is much farther away from the suggestion that Trump’s legal team had pushed for.

More importantly on the first day of the trial, more than 14 states are going to be casting their ballots in the presidential primary race.

One Republican operative who supports Trump claimed to have been “shocked” by this decision, questioning why it was decided that Super Tuesday was the date when the trial needed to begin. He proceeded to question whether they were meant to think this was a coincidence and not political.

Similarly, Trump also stated that the “biased Trump Hating judge” had scheduled the trial on a day that would achieve what the “corrupt government wanted.”

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