U.S. Forced to Emergency Land International Flight

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(FeaturedNews.com) – A “disruptive” passenger caused a United flight crew to reroute a Tel-Aviv bound plane on Sunday, delaying the passengers’ arrival to their destination by a few hours.

Flight 90, departed early from Newark, but around three hours into the 10-hour flight, the crew had to make a U-turn and return to Newark after an unidentified man got into a confrontation with the flight crew. According to a passenger, a screaming match ensued following the altercation.

According to the eyewitness, the man had been waiting for the bathroom but had opted to sit in one of the seats that are designated for flight attendants. Crew members proceeded to inform him that if he did not go back to his seat, the plane would need to return to New York. However, the man did not appear convinced that that would happen and proceeded to ridicule the crew members.

As the eyewitness revealed, she was surprised when the flight did turn around, as there was no announcement. The only way to see that something had changed was on the map showing their flight path when the flight landed. Police were also waiting for the flight to land. Law enforcement officers proceeded to remove the passenger in question from the plane.

A Twitter user named Jeff Hunt also posted a video, noting that his first flight had been canceled because of the weather and now this flight had returned to Newark because of the passenger. Hunt also revealed that the passenger claimed that United had overreacted and that he hung around the rest of the passengers for hours “pleading his case.”

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