VIDEO: Insane Passenger Attempts To Jump Out of Plane

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

( – Naya Jimenez, a passenger on a United Airlines flight, posted a video in which a passenger was restrained by other passengers on the flight after he tried to jump out of the emergency exit right before take-off from San Francisco International Airport to Houston International Airport.

Jimenez, who originally shared the video stated that the passenger, Cody Benjamin Lovins, 47, became irritated with a United Airlines flight attendant and started punching her following a disagreement about the assigned seating. According to the woman, she had boarded the plane and was heading towards her seat when she saw a woman, who turned out to be Lovins’ wife, sitting in her seat. Jimenez proceeded to tell the woman that she was sitting in the wrong seat and even showed her the boarding pass as proof. However, Lovins’ wife refused to move, which meant that Jimenez needed to sit in a nearby seat.

A flight attendant came over a little bit later to ask about what the problem was, at which point Jimenez explained the situation. This was when the female flight attendant spent 30 minutes trying to tell Lovins’ wife that she needed to move to her assigned scene.

After being unsuccessful, a gate employee came on board and once again told Lovins to move to her assigned seat.

Lovins proceeded to argue that their seats had been upgraded due to a flight being delayed, but the employee attempted to explain that the upgrade had been done differently. However, Lovins’ who had grown angrier started punching the United Airlines employees before being stopped by other passengers who grabbed him by his shirt. After stopping, he realized what had happened and tried to make it to the emergency exit and even opened it in an attempt to jump out of the plane.

Still, the San Francisco Police Department managed to arrest Lovins and he was charged with battery charges.


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