VIDEO: Kidnapped Son Meets Mother for First Time

Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

( – Jimmy Lippert Thyden, 42, had an emotional reunion with his birth mother Maria Angelica Gonzalez. The man had been stolen from his mother as a newborn baby and this was the first time that the two had ever met.

The two met in Valdivia, Chile, in Gonzalez’s home where the man told his mother that he had loved her very much while emotionally hugging.  Gonzalez was told that her son died at birth by the same hospital workers who had stolen him away 42 years ago. This was the first time that mother and son had the opportunity to meet.

Thyden, who spoke about their reunion, recalled how his mother told him that she cried “oceans” for him and that often she would pray at night hoping to find out what had happened to him. Thyden’s journey back to his mother was not an easy one as it required a months-long international search to find his biological family.

During an interview, the man revealed that he had been “suffocated by the gravity” of the meeting and that he did not know how it was going to be possible to hug someone in a way that would help make up for the 42 years of lost hugs.

Thyden was joined on his trip to Chile by his wife, Johannah, and their two daughters Ebba Joy and Betty Grace, all of whom got to meet the man’s lost biological family. During the meeting, Thyden also got to meet his biological siblings while Gonzalez got to meet her daughter-in-law and grandchildren.


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