Bakery Bans Police Officer

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( – The San Francisco Police Union blasted a local bakery over their refusal to offer services to an officer. The San Francisco Police Officer Association (SPOA) President Lt. Tracy Mcray in a statement to Fox News Digital pointed out that the policy that blocked anyone who was “armed and in a uniform” from receiving services from the bakery was clearly directed at law enforcement officers.

She proceeded to argue that they needed to “cut out the bulls–” and that they should just say the things they meant outright so that everyone could move on.

In California, an Arab restaurant and bakery, Reem’s, refused to serve an on-duty officer during his 16-hour shift while he was working overtime. One of the bakery’s employees had told the officer that they had a policy against serving those who were “armed and in uniform.”

McCray, in an email to the bakery, asked for more information regarding the policy. In response, the bakery and restaurant spokesperson informed her that such a policy was indeed in place and that off-duty officers who were not armed were allowed to come to their establishment.

McCarthy proceeded to ask whether or not the restaurant had put up a sign informing officers of the policy so that those officers who visit the establishment would know, but she has not yet received a response. In a follow-up statement, the restaurant posted on its Instagram that they were deeply committed to “uplifting social and racial justice in our communities,” which would also include creating a safe space for their customers and staff.

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