Republican Teams Up With Fani Willis

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( – Jon Burns, the Georgia House Speaker, has put a stop to all the calls for defunding the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office, stating in a memo that the calls from House Republicans went against the separation of power that existed.

In the memo sent to the Georgia House Republican caucus on Wednesday, Burns pointed to many of the calls to have Willis ousted arguing that there were still members in the General Assembly who were making false claims about the assembly having any power before the Judiciary in the ongoing legal case. As he stated, there were also others who were pushing for the duly-elected district attorney to be defunded as an attempt to influence the criminal justice system. This was “unfortunate”  that there would be people who would push for this “reckless course of action” regardless of the effects that it would have.

Following the indictment of former President Donald Trump and 18 others in a case brought forward by Willis, many Georgia Republicans have proceeded to attack the district attorney. Trump has been charged on 13 counts.

Previously, State Senator Colton Moore requested from Governor Brian Kemp to call for a special session that would allow legislators to probe Willis’ case.

The state’s General Assembly has not made any impeachments in over five decades and as the Republicans do not have the two-thirds Senate majority required, they would need to have the support of the Democrats for an impeachment to go through.

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