Walmart Announces New ‘Sensory-Friendly Hours’

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( – Walmart has announced that starting on Friday their stores will introduce “sensory-friendly hours” available to customers each day. The announcement was included in a news release on Tuesday where it was noted that from 8-10 a.m. local time Walmart would be switching all their TV walls to a static image and lowering the lights as much as possible in order for customers with sensory disabilities to feel comfortable in the store.

In the release, the company stated that they were hopeful that customers and associates would find navigating the store during these hours to be slightly easier on both their ears and eyes. They added that these changes are thanks to the feedback they have received from customers on how to make their stores feel more comfortable.

Walmart had originally run a pilot program for this new initiative on Sunday and has in general received positive feedback about it. Walmart added that through different mediums of feedback, they have seen how positive these changes are for their customers and they hope that they can continue to improve their stores.

They added in their statement that their company’s goal is to help improve people’s lives and help them save money, so they will continue to take additional steps in order to help fulfill those goals for everyone who comes through the doors of their stores.

Walmart is not the only program to have introduced sensory-friendly initiatives, as Chuck E. Cheese and AMC Theatres have also introduced similar programs.

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