Whose Heels Are Higher: DeSantis or Haley?

Photo by Kevin Luke on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – This week, another Republican primary debate took place which included all of the 2024 Republican presidential candidates apart from the race’s frontrunner, President Donald Trump.

Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida has seen his levels of support go down, as he is currently lagging behind by 45 percentage points. This is one of the largest margins he has had so far in the 2024 primary race. Prior to him joining the race, many had hoped that DeSantis would act as Trump’s biggest threat in the presidential race. However, throughout his campaign, he has failed to get the necessary enthusiasm.

The most recent detail about DeSantis’ presidential campaign that press photographers have pointed out is his insistence on wearing heel lifts. As they pointed out in the photos from the Republican primary debates, there is a strong similarity in the shoes the South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is wearing, along with those of DeSantis. For reference, Haley tends to prefer stiletto heels.

The claims that DeSantis has been wearing heel lifts first emerged in early October. There are other claims relating to the short-heeled cowboy boots that DeSantis is also known for wearing often.

The Florida governor has claimed that he does not wear heel lifts, and in October even told the PBD podcast that the boots he was wearing were the standard “Lucchese boots.” Still, despite these claims that has not stopped press photographers from capturing photos from the primary debate showcasing the footwear worn by DeSantis and Haley.

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