American Parents Erupt on Jill Biden

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( – First Lady Jill Biden was blasted by many education and parent’s rights groups after her recent speech at the 2023 NEA teacher’s union’s annual meeting on Tuesday. During her speech, Jill Biden said of President Joe Biden, her husband, that he is always going to be “the education president” as he is aware that education is integral to the nation’s success.

Many blasted Jill Biden for these comments, especially considering President Biden’s record on education. President and Founder of United States Parents Involved in Education, Sheri Few, claimed that Jill Biden’s comments were completely accurate for the audience she was talking to, which only included members who supported the Biden liberal agenda. In a statement given to Fox News Digital Few proceeded to argue that he is the “most anti-parent education president” that the country has ever had, and even pointed out that his Department of Justice had even attempted to have parents labeled as domestic terrorists following their protests to children in schools being exposed to pornographic material and critical Marxist theories.

The “Nation’s Report Card was also released recently which showed that following the recent school closures the reading and math scores for 13-year-old children have dropped to the lowest rate they have been in decades.

Dr. Jameson Taylor, American Family Association director of policy and senior fellow, argued that while Biden had at one point had the opportunity to be known as “the education president,” he instead failed to support American children and to place more priority on reading, writing and math. Instead, his focus was ensuring that schools “comply with CRT and transgender ideologies.”

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