VIDEO: New Husband Leaves His Mother-In-Law Speechless

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( – Mary Theut had been blessed with five daughters, however, that meant that she had never had the chance to perform a mother-son wedding dance. That was the case until in July 2022 during the wedding of her daughter Sarah Reynolds, where all of the sisters had their husbands offer Mary Theut the chance to dance with them on the dance floor. As Sarah is the last of the sisters to get married, this was the final chance that Theut had to partake in this wedding tradition.

The wedding was hosted in Chesterfield, Michigan, in the home that she shares with her husband Eric. As Mary Theut shared, the entire incident “meant a lot more to me than I ever thought,” she added that all of her sons-in-law were great.

Theut had always enjoyed being the spectator during the father-daughter dances, especially when those were on their wedding day, but as a girl mom, she had never expected to be able to participate in this tradition.

Sarah revealed to that they had been planning the surprise with their husbands early on and that no one else in the family knew as they did not want the surprise to be ruined. She added that her mom had done a lot for all of the weddings but never had the opportunity to dance, which is why all of the men were excited to help bring this moment to life.

In Sarah and Paul Reynolds’ wedding video, the bride brings her mother to the floor for the surprise dance with all of her sons-in-law.


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