VIDEO: DoorDash Driver Fired After Cussing Out Mother

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( – A Texas homeowner, Lacy Purciful, appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ where she discussed an incident where a Doordash delivery driver cursed at her after she left him a tip that amounted to 22 percent of the older cost.

Purciful revealed to Steve Doocy on Thursday, that she had left a $5 tip which based on the price of her order was more than 20 percent. She also revealed that this was not the first time she had used the app, as she has frequently bought food from outside in recent months as she and her husband have been in recovery following a car accident.

However, this is the first time that she had been met with an angry delivery driver, who believed that the tip she had left for her pizza order was insufficient. The home surveillance camera caught on video the moment the driver approached the door and told her that she had a “nice house for a $5 tip.”

Purciful simply responded by telling the driver that he was welcome, which led to the driver cursing at her while walking away.

After hearing him say “F*** you,” Purciful who was a bit shocked, chuckled and then sarcastically stated “You’re welcome” as her four-year-old daughter was next to her. She continued by shutting the door. Purciful has always left a generous tip especially as she has in the past worked in the food industry. As she revealed this was the first time that she has had such an exchange.

Following the incident, the family informed DoorDash and even submitted video footage, which resulted in the driver being completely removed from the platform.


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