Americans Lose Trust in the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has lost its impartiality and as a result some of its appeals. According to a new poll, public approval for the Supreme Court is close to a new historic low. In part, this is because the institution has now been deciding political cases instead of legal ones.

According to one recent poll, most Americans believed that the nine justices seating on the Supreme Court decided on major rulings along partisan lines. Regarding their recent job performance around three-quarters of Republicans thought the Supreme Court was doing a good job. However, only 13 percent of Democrats held a similar view. Around 50 percent of the entire country, regardless of political party affiliations were not happy with the Supreme Court’s recent performance.

Public support for the Supreme Court dropped significantly last summer after their decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The decision overturned Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortions was essentially revoked. However, the majority of Americans do believe that abortion access should be legal throughout the country.

However, it is not just this decision that has caused tension. Many liberals cannot ignore the opportune timing that the Republicans took advantage of to get a conservative majority sitting on the Supreme Court. In fact, within Trump’s four years in office, he managed to have three conservative Justices approved, making the current court the most conservative court in almost a century.

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