Biden’s DOJ Promises To Fight Back

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, Attorney General Merrick Garland noted during an appearance in Selma, Alabama in honor of the 59th anniversary of Bloody Sunday that he would be fighting against Voter ID laws as well as other measures that could be considered “discriminatory” or “unnecessary” relating to election integrity. 

While speaking at a church in Selma, along with Vice President Kamala Harris, in remembrance of the attack by Alabama police officers on the civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Garland recounted how voting rights have evolved since the end of slavery. As he pointed out this is a history that has been instead of people of color and Black Americans. 

He proceeded to point out how redistricting maps and additional voter ID laws over the last few years have made it significantly harder for eligible voters to vote in favor of the representatives they would prefer. 

Garland also told worshippers at Selma’s Tabernacle Baptist Church, which had been one of the first sights that the voting rights movement had met, that these measures and procedures were just making voting harder and disadvantaging minorities. He added that alterations in voting administration were also taking away the authority of nonpartisan locally elected election administrators which has harmed the very foundations of the election system in the country. 

He argueD that the Department of Justice was going to be fighting back legally against these state judgments and the implementation of such restrictions. This is despite the fact that polls have shown that the majority of Americans are actually in favor of voter ID requirements. 

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