Biden’s Legal Problems Get Much Worse

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( – The House impeachment inquiry is currently investigating President Joe Biden for possible obstruction of Congress. The inquiry, led by House Oversight and Accountability Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, sent a letter to White House Counsel Edward Siskel requesting documents related to Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s response to a congressional subpoena.

The investigation centers on whether President Biden conspired to obstruct Congress by influencing his son to defy subpoenas for a deposition in the House impeachment inquiry. The letter specifically seeks information about any communication regarding Hunter Biden’s compliance with the subpoena and his public statement of defiance.

On December 13, instead of appearing for the deposition, Hunter Biden, accompanied by his attorney and Representative Eric Swalwell, addressed reporters at the U.S. Capitol. In his statement, Hunter Biden discussed his business activities, alleged President Biden’s involvement in these activities, and criticized the committees’ inquiry.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed President Biden’s awareness of his son’s planned statement. The House inquiry letter highlights this acknowledgement and raises questions about the President’s possible prior knowledge of his son’s decision to defy the subpoenas.

The investigation by the House committees, including Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways & Means, focuses on any benefits President Biden may have received from Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. The committees assert that substantial evidence suggests President Biden’s involvement in these dealings, contrary to his previous claims of non-involvement.

This “conspiracy to obstruct” Congress investigation is examining whether President Biden’s actions could be considered an impeachable offense. The letter stresses the urgency of this inquiry and sets a January 10 deadline for the White House counsel to submit the requested documents and communications.

While the Justice Department is unlikely to act on any House recommendation regarding Hunter Biden’s obstruction of Congress, the House impeachment inquiry has the power to initiate proceedings to remove the President. However, any final decision on impeachment would rest with the Senate, currently controlled by the Democrats.

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