Trump Goes on the Holiday Offensive, Democrats Speechless

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( – This week, former President Trump expressed strong disapproval on his Truth Social platform regarding his ongoing legal issues and his recent exclusion from the Colorado GOP primary ballot.

Trump directed harsh words towards special counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the federal investigation into allegations of election interference by the former president. In a post, Trump labeled Smith as “deranged” and accused him of assisting President Biden in what Trump perceives as efforts to undermine America.

On Christmas Day, Trump’s posts took a more confrontational tone, targeting his opponents and accusing them of trying to destroy the United States. He wished them to “rot in hell,” including Smith, whom he referred to as a “lunatic” conducting a “witch hunt.”

Additionally, Trump voiced his discontent with the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to bar him from the state’s primary ballot, sharing several articles criticizing the ruling. He condemned the decision as a disgrace to the country.

The Colorado court based its decision on Trump’s alleged role in inciting the January 6 Capitol attack, citing the insurrection clause of the Constitution, which disqualifies individuals involved in insurrection from holding office.

Trump also suggested that the cases against him are orchestrated by the Department of Justice and the White House, framing them as unprecedented political interference.

In response to President Biden’s statement that it’s self-evident Trump supported an insurrection, Trump denied being an insurrectionist, arguing that he had called for peaceful protest on January 6.

Continuing his series of posts, Trump claimed entitlement to presidential immunity regarding the charges in Smith’s case. He accused Smith of bias and working for Biden’s interests.

In a Christmas Eve post, Trump listed a series of accusations against the Biden administration, again emphasizing his view of being unfairly targeted.

He also highlighted comments from fellow Republican Chris Christie, who expressed disagreement with Trump’s preclusion from the Colorado ballot by a court decision. Christie emphasized that voters, not courts, should decide Trump’s political fate.

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