Crimes That Actually Decreased in 2023

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( – On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released the latest data showcasing crime numbers across the country in 2023. The data shows a general reduction in crime rates across all categories. 

In 2023, violent crime had fallen by 6 percent since 2022, while in the same time period murders had dropped by 13 percent. This information was published in the FBI Quarterly Uniform Crime Report, which includes data from 15,199 out of 19,152 law enforcement agencies across the United States. 

Jeff Asher, a crime analyst, had told NBC that when they have the final data it is likely that they will be able to see the greatest one-year decline in the murder rates on record. While murder has had the largest drop, rape was followed with 12 percent. Aggravated assault and robbery both fell by around 5 percent. 

There was also a general drop in nonviolent crimes as well with burglary dropping by 10 percent in total. 

However, while generally there has been a decline in nonviolent crime reports, not all of the types of crimes have been refused. Motor vehicle theft has continued to rise, with the increase being at 11 percent right now. T

Attorney General Merrick Garland released a statement noting that in Mar 2021 the Department of Justice had launched a strategy to address the increase in violent crime that had occurred during the pandemic. He added that as part of these efforts, they have had experts closely collaborate with different communications and law enforcement agencies. 

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