Family Didn’t Know They Were Living in Spider Man’s House

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( – Pamela Parker grew up in Forest Hills, a neighborhood of Queens, N.Y. Throughout her childhood, her family would frequently receive letters from around the world, all of which were addressed to “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

As she notes, they always thought that all of the letters were part of an intricate prank from her friends. What she was unaware of was that her childhood home’s address, 20 Ingram Street, is a big part of the comic book “Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man first appeared in the final issue of Amazing Fantasy in 1961, a Marvel comic book written by Stan Lee. Lee would continue writing the character into early 1989 before the role was taken over by others. In the comic book, Peter Parker’s address was shown to be 20 Ingram Street.

It was in that same address that the Parker family resided and received hundreds of letters from fans across the globe who wanted to share their love for the comic book here. It was only a coincidence that the family living on the street shared a last name with the comic book hero.

An even bigger coincidence was reported by the Queens Tribune in 2002 when it was revealed that real-life Parker’s longtime neighbor was called Terri Osborne. Norman Osborn is the name of Spider-Man’s archenemy in the comic book.

Parker said that she had not realized why they were receiving all of these letters until the first Spider-Man film was released and the Tribune did their feature on the neighborhood. During this time, the family started receiving even more letters from across the world.

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