Top Democrat Silent on ‘Death to America’ Chants

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( – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has not spoken about the anti-Israel protesters in her state which had been chanting ‘Death to America, death to Israel’ during a Dearborn, Michigan, rally. However, she did talk about the war in the Middle East arguing that it would be possible that it would cost Biden the November election in the battleground state. 

On Sunday morning, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Whitmer had told host Kristen Welker argued that no matter the scenario the race in her state would always be close. She added that she has talked with members of the Arab American, Muslim, Palestinian, and Jewish communities in her state and that it is clear that many people are currently hurting. 

She continued by pointing out that for many of these people, there is only one degree of separation between them and someone who had lost their lives, whether that was during the war in Gaza or the Oct. 7 attack. These remarks were made in response to a question about whether or not Biden’s handling of the war in Israel could potentially lead to him losing the election in Michigan. 

The governor argued that this was the reason she was trying to ensure there was open dialogue and that they continued to be focused on how to best support the Michigan communities. 

Whitmer’s response had come after Welker had highlighted that Michigan is shown to have the largest Arab-American population and that national polls show that less than 20 percent of that demographic would be voting in support of Biden if the war in the Middle East continues. 

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