Family Finds WHAT In Their Freezer?

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( – A family was shocked to find what has been in their freezer for years. In a video posted by Ruby Summerville, this shocking and hilarious discovery was captured.

As Summerville revealed to Newsweek the freezer had not been cleaned since they first bought it. As she noted the whole family was working around the house and garden when they started cleaning the freezer.

In it, her dad found a mysterious item that had been wrapped in foil, presumably some forgotten leftovers. The little foil parcel had a very distinctive smell, which they pointed out, and yet her father did not appear to be willing to throw it out.

Summerville documented the moment and posted the video on TikTok on June 10th, at first she started by asking her father what he had found. The dad then unwraps the small food item which contained a note reading: “Do not eat all at once. Will f*** you up.”

When the two look inside they find what appears to be a “special” brownie. Summerville pointed out that while she knew immediately what it was, and it was certainly not hers, it was fun capturing her dad’s reaction. He had obviously forgotten about the package that he had received years ago from a friend.

The video has garnered 4.1 million views, with many saying how relatable the video had been and also pointing out similar incidents that had occurred to them. One commenter even said that the same had happened to them when their great-aunt passed away.



At least he left a note

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