Girl Finds Incredibly Rare Fossil

Photo by Laura College on Unsplash

On Christmas day, a little girl from Maryland found a secret treasure that was possibly more special than any gift she could receive. Alicia Sampson took to Facebook to tell the story of her daughter’s finding.

Molly and Natalie, her two daughters, had requested insulated waders for Christmas. As they said this would let them go “shark tooth hunting.”

The waders would allow them to find some better fossils further out in the ocean as Sampson recalled. So the moment that they finished their Christmas breakfast with the new waders in hand the family headed off to the cliffs.

While the weather outside was 10 degrees, the low tide had brought forth the perfect opportunity for the girls to go fossil hunting. Molly, their 9-year-old, happily proclaimed that she would be searching for a “Meg!”

The big surprise though was not that she was searching for one, but rather that by 10 a.m., she had found it. Molly had been in knee-deep water when she first spotted the megalodon tooth and she swiftly dove in to bring it up.

The family then shared the story on Facebook, saying that this was probably the best Christmas present that her daughter had ever received. So, the waders were after all a great gift as they allowed the little girl to find the tooth.

They then took the tooth to the Calvert Marine Museum where they learned more about the fossil which the little girl now gets to keep.


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