House Republicans Save Trump’s Legacy?

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., says that he would consider expunging impeachments against former President Donald Trump if a resolution was brought to the floor.

On Thursday, during the weekly press conference, McCarthy said that there was some interest among rank-and-file Republicans to bring forth a resolution that would “expunge” one or both impeachments that had been previously brought forth against Trump.

However, McCarthy said that Republicans were currently placing their primary focus on the economy and national security. That does not mean they are not open to considering the cases surrounding Trump, especially knowing how certain members feel about them.

He added that especially having watched everything that Trump has gone through, it is only natural for some Republicans to want to amend the situation. However, their first priority remains bettering the economy, securing the border, making the streets safer, and providing parents with the opportunity to have an opinion about their children’s education. He added that they would also focus on holding the government accountable.

Even if the House does pass a resolution to expunge any of Trump’s impeachments, that resolution would most likely not pass through the Senate which is currently under Democratic control.

During his four-year term, Trump faced impeachment twice. This first time was in 2019 when he allegedly withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to gain political favors, and the second time in 2021, over his role in the Jan. 6, Capitol attack.

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