Major Social Media Platform To Limit Political Content

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( – Instagram is trying to limit political content by introducing a new feature on the app. 

Users will now be required to visit the settings in their app in order to decide whether or not they want to see political content appear before them. There is also the option to limit any political content from users that you do not follow, or alternatively restrict political content from anyone who the user is not following by default. 

In February, Instagram had announced that political content would no longer be proactively recommended on the platform. A blog from last month noted that they wanted Threads and Instagram to be a great experience for everyone and that if a user decided to follow certain accounts that shared political content they did not want to interfere with that content by recommending political content from other accounts that they did not follow. 

In the Instagram blog post, it is also noted that they are changing the way in which they are handling political content as they are not going to be proactively pushing this content across their platforms. It is noted that while this content will remain available if people want to have this content recommended for them all they will need to do is control the settings. 

A month ago Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, had written on Threads that the purpose of the policy change was so they could allow users to interact with the political content that respected what each person wanted to see. 

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